The Building Loss Specialists

Before or after a Loss, we are the Building People

Who Retains Us

  • Building Owners
  • Insurance Policy Holders
  • Advocates
  • Lawyers
  • Brokers/Underwriters
  • Adjusters

Reasons for Retention

  • Insurance to Value
  • Reserve Funding
  • Building Exposures
  • Building Obsolescence and Depreciation
  • Damage Assessments
  • Advocate Services

Types of Reports

  • Building Valuations
  • Depreciation/Maintenance
  • Total/Partial Building Loss
  • Advocate Service
  • File Audits
  • Arbitration/Mediation Reports

We offer Peace of Mind through Knowledge and Expertise

To all prospective clients of INTEGRAL Consulting;

My name is Jeremy Behn. My wife and I spent five years building our custom dream home in the West Kootenays of BC. We lost the house to accidental fire damage in March of 2013. Losing such a labour of love is a traumatic and disorienting experience.

It became clear very quickly that our insurers were not open to discussion or second opinions about the value of our custom home. After intimidation from the insurance companies hired adjusters, we secured the services of an insurance advocate who recommended the abilities of Ron and his company. This was the best move we could have possibly made...